Proof of God's Existence by John Daniel Nyce  


What is the Purpose of this Book?

This work serves a dual purpose besides countering atheists Lucian and Bertram Russell and providing the evidences of God that they missed or ignored. Firstly, it is intended as a six-shooter worn on the hip, primarily for Christians who are afraid, unable or unwilling to witness for Jesus and in order to defend their faith. 

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Your work is done for you and you can share your beliefs intellectually with atheists, agnostics, the interested and the apparent damned... even they since no one knows if their end will be as the thief on the Cross. 

Secondly, it is a catalyst and a tool for the courageous field workers for Christ so study this and you become fully armed and dangerous... (that is to the lost and spiritually deranged). This is a wide but quick reference compendium of the most basic and complete elements of evangelism, apologetics and suffering so that when you go out to share your faith and knowledge with others who want to learn, you may have at hand, the basic building blocks of Christianity and the evidences of the only true God and His creation established by Himself.  

The plastic scored inserts are designed to be nearby to you at all times as evangelism and defensive tools, either to give to people, or to introduce them to all of the evidences of creation, first hand. Consider them your quick load ammunition for your apologetic gun and intellectual and readiness tools, to establish your beliefs and to gently yet meekly convince others. Remember the Spirit of God (not you) convicts and removes the blinders, however He permits us to cooperate with Him hence we are in deed used by Him, if we are 1) prepared and 2) if we are not continuing in some unresolved and active gross sin.

There are many religions and god’s. This work is: an apologetic evidentiary approach to why I believe in the existence of Jehovah God of Israel... the god of the Christians and the god of the Jews... and the only God. For God has commanded:

"Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have." - 1 Peter 3:15

"...knowing that I am appointed for the defense of the gospel." - Philippians 1:17


About the Author, by his wife

My husband was born on Sunday, September 7th, 1947 in York, Pennsylvania, and grew up in Newburgh, New York. A portion of his life from age 28 to 62 is described in the section entitled Suffering, in the 3rd Chapter of his 400 page apologetics/evangelistic book entitled The Proof of God’s Existence in the 7 “C’s” and Christian Handbook of Lists. He came to recognize Jesus Christ as his personal savior on Sunday, September 29, 1974 in a Baptist parsonage near Buffalo, New York, where Pastor Nelson “Joe” McCall led him to Christ. 


John was adopted as a newborn and in the providence of God, he was enabled by Him to create and establish the adoption division of Shepherd Care Ministries, a Christian counseling agency which as of this writing has placed around 3,500 newborns and young children into Christian homes. The agency was the first all-Christian adoption agency approved and licensed in the State of Florida, which incidentally, came after much travail and tribulation at the hands of the Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services, the licensing arm of the government. 
      This license was a first of its kind and opened wide the floodgate for numerous Christian and private adoption agencies and foster homes in Florida in 1985. He also founded the Broward Christian Lawyers Association, now absorbed into a local chapter of the national Christian Legal Society.

John has practiced law in Florida since 1973 and he has counseled and represented 25 churches and ministries, 18 ministers and hundreds of Christians referred from church administrators and benevolence committees in the Ft. Lauderdale area, and two large and extremely successful and impact-full churches, including the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church (a world-wide evangelism training program established in every nation of the world and a nationally televised church service). Christ the Rock Community Church (Cooper City), First Baptist Church of West Hollywood, and the New Covenant Presbyterian Churches are also in that list. In his spare time, my husband teaches as an adjunct professor of Business Law I and II and MBA level International Business Law at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. 

While attending high school and college, my husband earned six varsity letters in wrestling, tennis and golf, wrestled for a nationally ranked college team and had the best record on his tennis team as a senior at the University at Buffalo (SUNY). He practices law full time, teaches upper and MBA level college courses and he has assisted in legal work, managing and maintaining my commercial warehouses. In his spare time when he is not researching, writing, running or weightlifting, he finds time to hunt in the Dakota’s, play golf and tennis and his tennis forehand and 300-yard golf drives are known among his friends. John works, writes, studies, teaches and plays sports, hard, constantly, competitively with much devotion. He has help to built roads and houses in the mountains of New York and has made major improvements to our home and he is definitely a jack of all trades.      

One of my husband’s greatest challenges and most difficult ministries, involved the legal representation of the Florida branch of Operation Rescue, its’ national founder, Randall Terry, and many brave and dedicated street servants of God who took on and demonstrated a tough love for Jesus Christ. John was involved with state and national leadership in the pro-life movement of the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. He spearheaded a group of 13 Christian attorneys in the representation of 84 “rescuers” pro bono, in criminal court in Palm Beach County in 1989. As a result of the exceptional workload and rescues involved, his life and practice were crippled. John and many of the pro-life leaders were seriously wounded by spiritual or financial Satanic attacks and some were killed. 

To those servants of pro-life Operation Rescue, John gives his utmost respect and honor for their courage and sacrifice, and their blockades and arrests will stand the test of time as their “red badge of courage.” He always says that pro-lifers rewards in heaven will be great for their sacrifices here on the earth, all for the glory of Christ. My husband and I are convinced that God desires real pain, sacrifice and a sense of duty and loyalty from His children. Well-weathered Christians know without controversy and debate that each must take into his own flesh his cross-splinter, and accept the real and literal sufferings of Christ in our walk with Him and they understand the true meaning of the sacrament of communion (to identify with the Cross and to be crucified with Christ).

John holds a bachelor’s degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo, (1970) and a Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Miami, (1973). His biographical sketch was included in the three major Marquis Publications Who’s Who in America (since 2000) Who’s Who in the World (since 1987) and Who’s Who in American Law (since 1985) and he has represented thousands of clients (mostly Christians) while in the practice of law since January 1974. His passion for street evangelism, ministering to the poor, pro-life work and the legal representation of the Lord’s churches has set the foundations for the creation of this book and many unique and unusual experiences described within its’ covers. 

While my husband’s book has been written over a span of 20 years, my husband and I trust that the words, the concepts and the illustrations will never grow old and can be a ready reference and compendium for future generations of those who wish to have at hand, all basic required Christian information for evangelistic and apologetic purposes. And when new discoveries are made, this work will be updated periodically as required. My husband has expressed his profound intention that any vicarious glorification of self or imputation of glorification to self will be rejected as folly, and that all honor and glory of the words and expression of this book, be laid at the feet of Jesus Christ. The works and the concepts are after all, the Lord’s, prepared for us in advance as they all lead to His exclusive and perfect glory.

John Daniel Nyce ● Attorney and Counselor at Law

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